pick-up lines #2

30 01 2008

from dara’s student:
“you got a raisin?”
“then how about a date?”



a lesson in the english language

19 10 2007

┬álast night i shot an elephant in my pajamas…

…the thing that gets me is how the elephant got into my jammies. :P

a quick lesson in english: Place phrases and clauses so that readers can see at a glance what they modify.

although phrases and clauses can appear at some distance from the words they modify, make sure that your meaning is clear. when phrases or clauses are misplaced, ABSURD misreadings can result.

Last night in my pajamas, i shot an elephant.

The revision corrects the false impression that i shot an elephant who was wearing my pajamas. even though this is the correct way to say it… it’s just not funny anymore.

geek joke

19 10 2007

Q: What do you get when you cross Dracula with a used car dealer?

A: autoexec.bat

im convo #2

18 10 2007

(spelling errs have been corrected, so that you may understand what is being said).

anh: hey man, i wanna go to McD’s.
nate: ok, then go.
anh: are you at home?
nate: oh, you mean, you wanna go to McD’s with me.
anh: yeah, you silly… eachan is out with her gf’s. they went to fan-do.
nate: fan-do?
anh: you know, that place…
nate: what place?
anh: where they dip that stuff in the thing.
nate: oh, you mean that thing in the place with those people? i think you mean fondue.
anh: oh yeah, that’s it.

originally posted on dj @ 1:06pm – 2 January 2004

my family

18 10 2007

robyn laden: why does mommy have those rubber-thingies in her mouth?

daddy: because she talks to much.

on weight loss

18 10 2007

Want my weight loss secret?

Here it is: get off your lazy bum and do something that involves physical activity. Happy weight loss!
(taken from jeff wong)

picture of the week

18 10 2007

The cosmic ballet goes on.